Massage Therapy of Madison WI

Seventh Heaven Massage Studio in Madison and Middleton

Seventh Heaven Massage Studio, Massage in Madison WI

Seventh Heaven Massage Studio is located between West Side of Madison and the town of Middleton. The Seventh Heaven is a local massage therapy provider servicing Madison Metro area including Middleton and Verona. If you current provider does not meet your needs or you just simply need to relax and you are looking for a massage therapy in Madison area - the Seventh Heaven Massage therapy is the right place for you. Our experienced staff will help you to personalize treatment that supports and empowers you on your healing path.

We Offer Wide Selection Of Massages For You To Choose From

  • Deep tissue Massage of Madison
  • Sport Massage
  • Swedish Massage of Madison
  • Cupping in Madison and Middleton
  • Relaxation and Aroma Massage therapy
  • Russian honey Massage in Madison WI
  • Cellulite Massage Therapy in Madison (ask about details)
  • Lava Stone Massage

Relax Your Body, Mind and Soul

Massage is truly a gift that should be taken advantage of and enjoyed to its fullest. Since 2008, Seventh Heaven Massage Studio has been providing its clients with the affordable gift of massage. We proudly offer a variety of massage therapies.

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